5 Tips to get your Hotel Room a Free Upgrade


You are sitting in the lobby where you see a family get upgraded to a better room and you’re just sitting there wondering why that didn’t happen to you. Well, we are here to explain how you can get a free upgrade of your own and enjoy your trip.

  1. Don’t be Cheap

It is quite simple; if you want the hotel management to consider you for an upgrade, then you should deem yourself good enough to be upgraded. No one is going to upgrade the guy who opted for the cheapest room. You have to understand that the better the room you get, better the chances of getting an upgrade.

  1. No requests

Free upgrades are given to polite customers who don’t feel entitled to an upgrade. You won’t be getting an upgrade if you act brash about the whole thing and demand an upgrade to the hotel staff. If there is a better room available, they will let you know. But if you’ve already been arrogant about it, they’ll just choose someone else for the upgrade.

  1. Travel Time

Free upgrades happen during the off-season. You won’t be getting a free upgrade during Christmas or New Year, but during off-seasons, it is a lot more likely that more rooms are empty. An empty hotel is more likely to get you an upgrade. But on the flipside, if you arrive at a hotel and then book a room during a busy season, you are likely to get a free upgrade. So if you pre-book, book during the off-season for a free upgrade. But if you arrive at the hotel to book, go during the rush to get a free upgrade.

  1. Time of Stay

If you are only going to be staying for a few days, then you are in luck. Because hotels know that they can give you a great experience so that you’ll return and the fact that they know they’’ customers again once you leave to sell the rooms. So you’re in luck if it’s a short stay.

  1. Don’t be Humble

Okay, hear us out. When we say don’t be humble, we are telling you to tell the hotel management about your special occasion. So if you are there for your 2nd anniversary then tell the receptionist. People have a general tendency to be nice to people on their special occasion. Also, it is a marketing ploy for them; they believe that if they are nice to you then, you will return to the same hotel again on your next trip.