Cheap Web Hosting Service: A Tutorial for Newbies


Affordable web hosting solutions are legion on the Web these days. Could you simply choose just one and run with it?

Not in case you appreciate your Web business! As all true Web experts understand – many having discovered the tough way – web hosting providers differ tremendously in regards to worth and reliability. And several if not the majority of your headaches as an e-commerce pro is able to originate from picking a loser at the beginning of your respective Web endeavors.

Might I mention only a number of the encounters I have had with a particular web host (which I will not name) before changing to a far more dependable business? Frequent downtime. Busy signal when calling customer service. Customer service reps who rarely speak English. Continual complex problems with the company’s servers that mess up the website, produce purchase forms to malfunction and take the entire website down.

One more big deal you are able to encounter is insufficient functionality (such as failure to help PHP, Perl, CGI, MySQL, etc.). Note: CGI, particularly, is essential. CGI, or perhaps Common Gateway Interface, is utilized in acquiring order types on the site of yours. You cannot conduct much e-commerce with no order forms!

What about insufficient bandwidth or even disc space? You need to ensure the hosting company package you decide on provides a minimum of 200 GB bandwidth and also a minimum of twenty-five G disc space.

Other helpful attributes you must search for include: figures reporting (origin, kind, and a number of guests to your website each day, year, month, week, etc.); site development software; both Windows and Unix functionality; and a sufficient amount of email accounts (at minimum twenty-five).

Below is a checklist which could be useful in picking a virtual web hosting service. (Note: virtual just meaning you are leasing room on a server, instead of renting a whole server). This checklist is true for a small organization and e-commerce sites just getting started. In case you are wanting a great number of visitors, you will have to have far more disc space and also bandwidth than suggested in the table. But for almost all new websites the next amounts are much more than adequate and can easily be modified upward later if necessary.

  • Disk Space: more than twenty-five GB
  • Bandwidth: more than 200 GB
  • Reliability: More than ninety-nine percent uptime just like
  • Support: 24 hours one day seven days a week
  • Cost: At most fifteen dollars a month in case you are searching for inexpensive web hosting services
  • CGI functionality:  Both Unix as well as Windows hosting (Some additional complicated applications require Windows.)
  • Perl and MySQL functionality
  • At minimum twenty-five email profiles available
  • Statistics reporting: Number of guests to the site of yours and also to the specific web pages of its, page views, and so on.

Obviously, your hosting package must also possess a Cpanel (control panel FTP and) access provided, but the majority of hosting businesses provide those functions. Nevertheless, below are a couple of less popular attributes you might need. These’re not essential but, for several sites, useful.

  • Audio streaming: Will this be provided by your website? Next, you will need a great deal more bandwidth.
  • Encrypted passwords: Provide greater security.
  • Domain Names: Some reasonably priced web hosting services offer free domain names.

To sum up: Do not go to the very first WEB HOSTING FOR $4.95 advertisement you notice! The features and also the reliability of inexpensive web hosting services vary tremendously. Research this particular subject before you make the choice of yours. A terrible choice is going to hinder your Web efforts tremendously while a great one will make things a lot simpler.